Products Range

At Unipipes, the better grade of steel is selected to construct the molds to ensure durability and accuracy of the molds produced.  General-purpose plastics of high quality from leading suppliers are used in the injection molding process e.g. polystyrene, ABS, polypropylene, polycarbonates and polyvinyl chloride. Flame retardant material.e.g. ABS V0, HIPS V2.  

Engineering plastics used includes nylon (Polyamid unfilled and reinforced with 15%, 30%, 33% glass-filled), PBT, PBT glass-filled, PC-ABS, POM Acetal, PMMA (acrylic), PPS, special-purpose polycarbonates, reinforced polyphenylene sulphide, etc.  The numerous grades used are UL approved which comply with flammability, environment and other standards.

Audio Products

Car stereo, hifi (high end), midi & mini sets, portable & combo and headphone sets

Audio Speaker System

Hifi speakers, multimedia speakers and cordless speakers.


Cordless phones, fax machine

I.T. products

Computer mouse, scanner, printer, monitor and base

Engineering products

Precision parts & gears for I.T., IC Tray, hardware and fax machines

Specialised Equipment

Precision & heavy duty scales


Air-condition vanes & parts

Medical Products

Catheter connector